Its not about keeping up- but having a plan that works for you.

Reference Desk

  With so much to do when It comes to running a business, it can seem overwhelming trying to manage so many different aspect of the business from the sales process, customer relationship,customer prospecting, stocks, chasing invoice, social media marketing, your personal life as well as a social life (if you have any left) then there are all […]

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Technology v me round 58-still hanging in there

  Wow I have really been doing the rounds with my site,mailer,autoresponder, site editor, file management, social media accounts all just to add a new opt-in form and “call to action” buttons so the site can function better in getting sign-ups. So the whole thing has taken over a week to get it almost working right. […]

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Hello boss, how can I help you?

  You are working for others, until you realise this your going to continue to struggle to make money online. Every task you do online in pursuit of money is a job, and to get paid requires you to have something others are willing to pay for. Off line, having a  skill means you have a way […]

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Where should you start in internet marketing?

So you have been online, done a search for make money online or make money from home, found something that looks doable, dead cheap to buy has lots of bonuses. You start reading or watching the videos explaining how your meant to make the money by doing certain things which you find out are beyond your present level […]

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Here are some of the reasons so many people struggle with making money on line and how to change things around

      The whole internet  marketing field is huge. The words do not really describe the many different areas, subjects, skills, different systems, services, business models that it in compose. But what it boils down to is selling information products that teach people (who use it)  to make money, using the internet from home. People just want to […]

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Why are you holding yourself back from success?

are you stopping yourself from succeeding?

You might not believe it, but you are probably holding yourself back from getting your business into the money making side of things, what I mean is that you probably already know more than enough to start and run a successful online business.but you are afraid to be in front of people or what I call your […]

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Do you buy the right tools for the job at hand,or believe it will make you money quicker?

The tools you  need to do a job depends on what you want to accomplish, not on the amount of money claimed you will save if you buy this or that tool. The reason so many people buy so many products is because they don’t have a plan in place when starting an on-line business. We all know you need […]

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Time flies when your not having fun!

It feels like months since I last had the time to really get some work done on this site. There has been many many things happening outside of this ,which needed my urgent attention ,emotionally it’s difficult to just be in a positive mood when family tragedy happens or when your home has to deal with […]

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Get Profit map academy before buying another product !

  This is why you should get the profit map academy   When starting this whole I.M thing, you need to know some basic stuff and be able to, at least know your way around a computer. The internet Marketing industry is complex, frustrating, and  can be overwhelming. Yet so many Marketers present it as “easy” […]

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How do I get started making money on line?

How do you Getting started making money online? The first thing to do is to plan what you want to happen over the next few month. Make a plan of daily activity, which will lead you towards that goal. The first thing that I did was make the classic mistake of putting my income goal […]

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